I started developing HTML web pages in 2009. After that, I experienced what can be achieved with Javascript, and later on with PHP.

Some years later I found a program called Game Maker and made some bad games with it, meanwhile, I was experimenting with C++ and SDL2. Later on I made a home automation system which could open gates from anywhere. The server was built in C++ with Asio library and can run on Windows and Linux too. I also created an Android and Web client for it.

I went to high school and developed a game for White Rabbit Studio in Game Maker Studio, which is available on Steam, Android and iOS. During this time, me and my friend created two web application, for order. One had an Android and an iOS app which was also built by me. I am using Linux as my daily driver, and now I’m learning the Godot Engine.

I like to root my phone and use bleeding-edge features where it is possible to try out new technologies. I’m also interested in security (ethical hacking) and networking too.

Nowadays I am working with Spring and Kotlin.

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Matrix: @t-bond:t-bond.hu
E-mail: contact@t-bond.hu