Blog status

The blog isn’t dead. I have installed a plugin which enables PWA support for it a while ago.

But I got fed up with how bulky and slow the whole site is. So I also started to rewrite the whole website without using any frameworks (including Javascript too). I try to make it load as fast as it possible. Using static caches, lazy-load solutions and anything I can find on the way. I also making it possible to use it offline (with PWA) and without Javascript enabled.

I don’t know when it will be ready, as I don’t often have time and the mood to continue, but I will definitely be working on it.

New blog, new start

I recreated my website in the past week. It still needs some polish, but it has more content right now then my previous blog ever had.
I will have to fix the remaining graphical bugs, and upload some more content.

The long planed demos page will be merged into this, and I hope it will create a more user friendly interface.